On Wednesday the 31st of October we had our annual Light Party. With the weather looking sketchy in the lead up to the party we awoke to God blessing us with some amazing weather. With the church filled with close to 100 kids dressed up in funky costumes and becoming overloaded with sugar, a night of fun, entertainment and excitement ensued. We had some amazingly talented artists come in and provided an excellent face painting stall for the children. As well as this we had an army of students to bring energy to our games. We also had our more mature helpers who brought a wealth of experience and a lifetime of love to pour out. The energy, or sugar levels, were at an extreme high with all these young children excited to join in our many games or activities. Even though the night was a resounding success, some parents looked extremely worried about how they would control the now bouncing children.

We would like to thank everyone who showed up and participated!

Also an enormous shout out to all volunteers, who without you this night would have not been possible! The energy, passion and joy you brought to the night created positivity that can not be purchased.

Brad Clarke