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...a Christian community relating the gospel to everyday life – facilitating the relationships between people and God.

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Insight Service
Sunday mornings have never been so intriguing! Grab a decent coffee and sit down in an informal setting to discuss, debate and grow your understanding of the Christian faith.  The Insight group are guided by church leaders who plan sessions that leave plenty of space for questions and discussions.  The Insight group aims to be an environment where a diverse range of theological views ranging from traditional through to progressive can be discussed safely and openly.
Sunday mornings 9.30am*
*Occasionally Insight combines with the traditional 9.30 service for significant events on the church calendar.


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After School Care
and Before School Care

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Easter Services are on the link above

2nd April Maundy Thursday 6pm for shared potluck meal and foot/hand washing
7.30pm for Tanebrae Service
3rd April - Good Friday
9.30am Combined Church Service here
2.00pm Messy Church with coffee and Hot Cross Buns
5th April - 8am Holy Communion
9.30am Worship with Holy Communion

Look in our Newsletter for further details and services for the rest of Holy Week.




Service times
  • 8:00am: Anglican Holy Communion
  • 9:30am: Morning Worship
  • 9:30am: Insight - an interactive cafe style service
  • 10:00am: Wednesdays - Holy Communion
     Sunday School is available at 9.30am except in School Holidays. 5-9 years meet in the lounge and 10 years and up in hall foyer. It will recommence on 15th February.
     Youth Group meets at 6.45pm on alternate Sundays.


Messy Church - Usually the Second Sunday in the month.  Messy Church will be held on Good Friday 3rd April at 2pm with the theme "Messy Easter".
This is an all-age, fun-filled expression of Christian community outside the traditional Sunday worship - introducing Jesus through celebrating, chilling and chomping. To be held the second Sunday of each month in the parish hall except April when it will be held on 3rd April at 2pm. At Messy Church on Good Friday there will also be coffee and Hot Cross Buns.

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 Healing Services
  • Healing Service: 

Progressive Exploration Service
This service is held on the first Sunday of each month and is an exploration of the Christian faith and issues of importance to our time from the perspective of progressive and emerging theology. It allows time for discussion and presents thoughtful comment on the journey of faith in our day.
All are welcome. Look under News heading. There will be no Progressive Exploration Service in April due to Easter.
Chartwell Cooperating Church
Phone. 07 855 7434