Chartwell Church was pretty busy on Palm Sunday. We kicked off the day with donkeys: pin the tail on the donkey and then Gloria led the service dressed as a donkey. It was a lovely combined service that was both fun and festive but also thought-provoking and reflective. We had instruments and banners and confetti in a big parade around the rooms.

The youth loved the mess and the glitter confetti kept them amused for quite some time. Many of us left with confetti in our hair and so took the festivities home with us! Then in the afternoon Amanda led us in a Messy Easter celebration. The kids loved the interactive service and the crafts kept the adults and kids busy. What a range of activities for everyone: painting, food, craft, hammers, nails and wood as well as tattooing eggs. All of this fun… and then a shared roast meal to follow.

Thank you to all the people involved in making these two Palm Sunday services happen. It was a fabulous start to Holy Week. Blessings everyone.