Many of you heard about our amazing youth shaving their heads last winter but did you see the photos? Read on …

Our youth member, Emily Hollis organised an event called Kut for Kids.

Four people from YACC got involved and raised money to have their hair cut and shaved off.
All proceeds went to support Rainbow Place. Rainbow Place is a children’s hospice and is a vital service that we have here in the Waikato.

A massive thanks to Emily Hollis for organising AND getting her hair shaved off. A huge thanks also to Nicola Hollis, Bradley Clarke and Justin Marais for joining in by shaving their heads too. Nicola was able to first cut her hair for a wig donation and then shave as well.

In total a fraction over $2500 was raised by these four YACCers and was donated the following day to Rainbow Place.

Thanks go to the hairdresser/barbers that came along and joined in as volunteers of their time and skill.

A huge thanks to all those who donated and came to support us on the day. Brad was actually convinced through crowd support (pressure!) to also lose his eyebrows! – ouch!!!! None of this would have been possible without the generosity of all of our supporters.