We are starting a new series  which is aimed to introduce you, not only to our staff here at Chartwell Church, but also to some of our church members. In being true to our congregation we also decided to have some light-hearted questions as well, so you never know what you will find out.
We are starting this series with Aaron Bennett. Aaron is the chair of the Parish Council here at Chartwell Church, he has helped in our youth ministries, helps lead some of our services and is a family man. To say he is a busy man is an understatement.
Here are some questions and answers from Aaron:
How long have you worked/volunteered here at Chartwell Church?
I started as a youth group leader in 2008, and have done plenty of other volunteer roles since then.
What are your favourite three aspects of the community here?
I enjoy the openness to exploring progressive Christianity, challenging and thoughtful learning, sharing and action. The multi-generational community – I have been able to get to know some fantastic older people that I might not have come across in other areas of my life, while also developing friendships with interesting people from my own generation as well.
Should pineapple go on pizza?
Yes sometimes. The best combinations don’t have pineapple, but sometimes it is fine.
If you were a tree what type of tree would you be and why?
I have really enjoyed some bush walks over this summer and have seen some majestic kauri. I am not sure I could claim to be a kauri, but they are inspiring.
What’s a characteristic you are most known for?
Being accident prone.
Where do you sing the loudest and why?
In the car were usually no one else can hear me. Sometimes my kids are there and they give me a hard time because they think the songs are too old and my singing is too loud
What’s the last book you read?
Fear – Donald Trump in the White House. Also recently finished 1984 and currently reading Rob Bell, Book on the Bible
Favourite pie flavour?
Steak and Cheese. Though I also like onion, mushrooms, and lots of other things that are sometimes added with steak, but unfortunately they never put them all in one.