Up next is one of our amazing Parish Administrator, Keri Anderson! The role is a busy one, coordinating the many and varied activities and groups, as well as the “nuts and bolts” of a vibrant and busy church. Keri and Ruth share the office times and are the first contact person and can help with, or direct, any enquiries as required.

How long have you worked/volunteered here at Chartwell Church?
– Five years.

What’s your biggest dream for our church?
– To continue to be accepting of all of our differences. To be relevant in today’s modern society.

What’s your biggest dream for the world? (Yes, Pretend you are in a Miss Universe contest.)
– We need to take way better care of our earth, look after our forests and oceans, our animals and plants. And … world peace, of course

Where do you sing the loudest and why?
– In the car where nobody can hear me – I hope!

What’s the last book you read? Was it good and why?
– I’m currently reading The Seven Sisters by Lucinda Riley. I’m up to book five and I can’t put it down. The series is about the D’Aplièse sisters, who are all adopted. On the death of their father, they are all given a clue to their true heritage which sends each of them off to the corners of the earth to track down their family. But anything from Geraldine Brookes is a must read for me.

What’s your favourite sandwich combination?
– Bread, butter and hot chips … is there any better combination?

Favourite pie flavour?
– Spinach and feta.

Who would you switch places with?
– My cats. I, too, can sleep all day and just wake up to eat.

If you were given an elephant what would you do with it?
– Take it immediately to the nearest wildlife reserve. After I’d fed it peanuts and gone for a ride.

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