Bulgarian Dance Horo

Horo is respect and faith!
Horo is truth and support!
Horo is a common goal and motivation!
Horo is sharing and understanding!
Horo is the certainty that somebody cares for you!
Horo is trust and protection!
Horo is a union!

Hello everyone,

My name is Stefka Gencheva and I am from Bulgaria. I have been in New Zealand for about eight years, lived in Hamilton only. I’ve travelled a lot, crossed the country from Cape Reinga to Bluff, loved the nature and the people – but one thing was missing. I didn’t find anything to replace the Horo in my heart. I started to learn this magical dance when I was 12 years old and kept learning (now I am nearly 60). I sometimes dance by myself but it’s not the same. It must be shared with people. You need to allow yourself to give and receive the love and the energy.

If you have an interest in learning about different culture and traditions, I want to invite you to my dance classes. No experience required. No age limitation.

Join us every Tuesday from 6.30 pm and get your first lesson free of charge!

Contact Stefka on mobile 022 323 1904 or

email stefka.gencheva@rozadamaska.co.nz